Shade Maintenance & Consulting Service

We want our clients to feel confident that their shade structures are functioning at a lowest risk of failure that is why we offer our clients a program that gives them peace of mind and ensures that their shade investments endure and provide a safe shady haven for their students/employees to enjoy for many years.

Through our planned inspections and maintenance checks you can feel assured that your shade structures meet all the required safety standards.

What is included in our offer

  • Three Year program
  • Yearly shade structure inspections
  • Detailed report for each shade structure
  • Detailed site plan of area showing shaded areas included in report
  • Engineering Reports for existing shade structures
  • Quotation for any Maintenance required
  • Proposed shade design for new areas
  • Professional customer service and quality products

What do we look for in our inspections

  • Rusted joints
  • Cracked welds
  • Worn fittings – including shackles, chains and cables
  • Sails and structure covers that need re-tensioning
  • Compromised post footings
  • Stitching failure
  • Dangerous mould levels

To enquire more about our maintenance and consulting program please fill out the form below. We will contact you and provide you with a detailed estimate of costs to carry out yearly inspections for your shade structures.

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